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Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mesothelioma Cure and Treatment - TENS Therapy

Mesothelioma is known as one of most dangerous type of cancer. Till now there is no certain and one hundred percent effective cure for this type of cancer. There were chemotherapy treatment developed for helping mesothelioma patients. This treatment was developed with electro shock based treatment. The idea is to give the patient some electric shocks, then those shocks were sent to brain to stop and help decreasing the pain in certain areas. This kind of mesothelioma treatment is called TENS, stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
Good thing about this treatment is one can do it at home by him/herself. The patient could have a device which can be used to do TENS treatment. On earlier stage patients should have TENS therapist help them using the device and to find certain locations where they should put TENS treatment on. Another benefit that patient could have with this kind of treatment, they would not have to worry about side effects like on any other treatments. But for pregnant women, they should aware that they have to consult to their doctor before using this treatment as their choice.
This treatment could be the safe choice for mesothelioma treatment than chemotherapy or any other treatment, it is safe with no side effects and it is also could be performed at home by the patient him/herself. But still, to choose the best treatment, one should consult to their doctor or their health advisor first to match their condition with the treatment they should choose.
Andrian Pihatono is a management Consultant who also in the middle of building its own online business.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Julia Perez, Artist Maker Hot Gossip

Julia Perez was an Indonesian woman artist who often spread their charm and make the hot gossipSure name of Julia Perez is Yulia Rahmawati.

When about to divorce from Damien Perez, artist Yulia Rahmawati or Julia Perez tried to fight alongside the name of Perez to stay behind his name. In addition because he was never married to the man from France, the name was still used because of considerations of popularity. Perez's name has been widely known to the public.

Because of that name, too, Jupe, so called normal, fell out with her ex-husband, which prohibits using a last name. Although banned in the fact that name is also still attached to be used.

"Back when money was well she did not say anything but once stopped, he began to tell me she is not good or anything. Now I was asked to wear Yulia Rahmawati, yes I've used Julia Pereus now," he said Jupe at that time (Thursday, 11 / 02/2010) sarcastic ex-husband.

Jupe is now running for Vice Regent in Pacitan, East Java. Although known by the name of Julia Perez, according to the law must use real names in his candidacy that. Jupe did not feel dizzy, even if elected later boyfriend Gaston Castano it would repudiate the name of Perez, and use the original name given parents.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gonzalez scored the goal in the second leg semifinal Philippines AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

A few posts ago, I always discuss about the hotel. Well now, let us watch the video goal from Gonzalez. Indonesia finally made it into the final, this does not escape the player service naturalization Cristian Gonzalez. If you're still curious about christian Gonzalez scored the goal in the second leg semifinal Philippines AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 please see here.

Gonzalez's goal was spectacular, because he was kicking with the left foot and with a curved kick that can not be reached by goalkeeper Philippines. For that we should ajungi two thumbs or even a hundred thumbs up for Gonzalez.

And do not forget we say a big thanks to Gonzales because without him we probably can not enter into the final. Indonesia continues to keep fighting and Gonzales give you goals in the final later on and be top scorer in the AFF 2010, though Indonesia is more proud of you.

Below is the Video Gol Cristian Gonzalez to the Philippines in Hurdles Semifinal Second Leg AFF Cup 2010.

Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Choose a Great Hotel Room

Hotel room prices can be misleading. Just because a hotel is advertising a low price does not guarantee that it is good value. Always do your own research and ask some questions.
Booking in Advance
The best hotel deal - price, location, standard & facilities - is made by booking well in advance especially if booking during a holiday period or some other special event. Our reservation system allows customers to book a hotel twelve months in advance and change the booking if required. Generally, as hotels fill up they increase the price of their rooms. So booking early always gets you a good price. Sometimes booking at the last minute is great for picking up a hotel bargain if a hotel has not booked enough rooms. If you are not too fussy about where you stay this can work in your favour but don't expect it to work in peak holiday periods of when a special event is on in town.
Hotel Facilities
Look carefully at hotel facilities. You have chosen two hotels that cost the same amount. One hotel has a huge swimming pool and a spa and the other does not. This is great if you are travelling in the summer and plan to use a swimming pool and a spa, the hotel with those facilities is a better value for you. But if you are travelling in the winter and have no desire to use a swimming pool or a spa, look a little closer because the second hotel may have other facilities you would prefer. Maybe there is free internet access or breakfast is included in the price. After all, you pay for everything extra that a hotel offers. Our reservation system provides a detailed list of all the hotel's facilities for easy comparison.
Hotel Location
Try to choose a hotel nearest to the attraction(s) you have come to see or very close to public transport. If you have chosen a hotel that is not in the center of things you may need to factor transportation costs into your total holiday cost. If you have arrived in your own car it is probably not an issue. If you are planning to use taxis or another form of public transport, that can be a considerable extra expense to add to your holiday. Remember to ask if the hotel offers a shuttle service to and from attractions and airports. This could save you a lot of money and make your visit less stressful. Our reservation system provides a google map of the hotels location so customers can check out the surrounding area.
Try to book a hotel that includes a breakfast (preferably an American buffet breakfast) in the price. This can be very convenient and save you money on your visit. Our reservation system specifies whether breakfast is included in the room rate.
Generally, my advice is to not eat at the hotel restaurant because they are normally over-priced and attract hotel guests out of convenience more than offering a great meal choice. Choose a hotel in an area where there are plenty of restaurants and food courts to give yourself a wide variety of choices at reasonable prices. And if you order room service expect to be over-charged.
Check Out Time
Most hotels have a checkout time of around 10-11 am. If you have a flight or other connection later in the day most hotels will store your luggage while you shop or sight-see. Check if you can negotiate a later checkout time. If the hotel is not full this is often accommodated by the hotel especially if you arrived late at night or have stayed in the hotel several days. Our reservation system allows you specify you planned arrival and departure times so the hotel staff know in advance and can do their best to meet you requirements.
Travellers' Reviews
Our reservation system website posts real customer experiences for you to read and then make a decision in selecting the best hotel for your vacation or business. This can be very valuable information as some hotels may look good in the photos but how old are the photos? Other hotels may be older but have just refurbished and are a good deal again. And we all know that customer service can vary widely from hotel to hotel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Five Hotels in London

Finding hotels in London is not all a difficult task. Even if you are a budget traveler, you can easily choose the hotel which is affordable. Cheap London hotels booking can be done through internet. To lessen your effort to some extent, the name of top five hotels in London can be mentioned. They are Commodore Hotel, Baglioni Hotel London, Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, Hotel Thistle Euston and Hotel Thistle Bloomsbury. These hotels are star rated hotels which are available on discount rates.
In this connection, the aforesaid hotels can be described in short. So, let us start with Commodore Hotel. The most convenient way to book Commodore Hotel room is with disrooms that offers instant hotel booking confirmation for your hotel reservation. Further, you will be getting 50-65% discounted hotel room rates for this particular hotel.
Commodore Hotel is located just a kilometer from Portobello Market in London. This graceful hotel reflects the graceful architectural lines of the Victorian era.
Features of the hotel includes fitness equipment, safe-deposit box, conference rooms, library, concierge desk, air-Conditioned Public Areas, barbecue Grills, restaurants, bar/lounge, fitness facility, 24 hours security, in house dining, in house bar, dry cleaning service, hot &cold running water, currency exchange, business center, comp newspapers in lobby, laundry facilities, room service (limited hours), picnic area, children allowed, car rent desk, etc.
Apart from the facilities mentioned above, the hotel has 79 air conditioned guestrooms. The rooms are well maintained and fully decorated with modern amenities like satellite television, high speed internet access for a fee, laptop compatible, etc. Private bathrooms, minibars and coffeemakers are also available in this hotel. It is all about Commodore Hotel. For further information just make a click on disrooms.
Like wise you will able to know about Baglioni Hotel London, Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, Hotel Thistle Euston and Hotel Thistle Bloomsbury. While your stay in one of these hotels, you can have an easy access to most of the attractive places of London. So, there are endless favourable reasons why to stay in these cheap hotels.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips For Booking a Holiday Accommodation in Paris, France

Paris has accommodation options to suit any budget and tourists will be able to find accommodation for less than €45 or as much as EUR 600 and more in the city. Convenient Parisian locations to stay at include the Paris Opera area, Chaillot Quarter, Luxembourg and the Montemarte area. Accommodation is also available in suburbs such as Montsouris, Porte de Versailles and Boulougne Billancourt for the benefit of tourists who value peace and quiet. If you are looking for privacy and space, you can book apartment rentals such as luxury apartments, studio apartments, terraced apartments, or houseboats.
Vacationers who are not worried about money can book accommodation at any luxury hotel, such as the seven Palace Hotels in Paris. The four-star hotels which belong to reputed chains such as Accor, also provide luxury at affordable rates. The city also has several three-star hotels at convenient locations run by renowned chains such as Mercure and Novotel. Alternatively, tourists can find apartment rentals at any fully furnished apartment with all the required facilities in Paris.
Since Paris is the capital city of France and a popular European tourist destination, it receives thousands of visitors per month and provides many accommodation choices to cater to different needs. Although, accommodation here tends to be expensive, the city also has its own share of budget hotels. Vacationers who cannot afford to stay at regular hotels can opt to stay at comfortable budget hotels in the city.
Vacationers interested in booking accommodation at budget hotels must consider prestigious budget hotel chains such as ETap, Ibis and Formulae 1.
To get rooms in low budget hotels, tourists will have to look to the suburbs in Paris to find accommodation. One can easily book accommodation in budget hotels in the range of €55 to €100, depending on the facilities offered and the location of the hotel in question. The tariffs are much lower in the suburbs of Paris and vacationers can find rooms for as cheap as €45. Booking accommodation in the suburbs is much more peaceful and less expensive, however tourists might find themselves spending more on travelling into the city to view the major attractions.
Alternatively, students and backpackers can book accommodation in any of the hostels in Paris. Some of these are student hostels associated with universities, youth hostels run by the French Youth Hostel Federation and others.
Tourists who wish to be close to the major attractions of Paris must book accommodation within the city although this will be more expensive. This ensures that they will be spending less time in buses, cars and trams and more time sightseeing.
James works in the Travel industry and in between watching FC Barcelona, works with Vacation rentals Paris and Champs Elysees guides.