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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Julia Perez, Artist Maker Hot Gossip

Julia Perez was an Indonesian woman artist who often spread their charm and make the hot gossipSure name of Julia Perez is Yulia Rahmawati.

When about to divorce from Damien Perez, artist Yulia Rahmawati or Julia Perez tried to fight alongside the name of Perez to stay behind his name. In addition because he was never married to the man from France, the name was still used because of considerations of popularity. Perez's name has been widely known to the public.

Because of that name, too, Jupe, so called normal, fell out with her ex-husband, which prohibits using a last name. Although banned in the fact that name is also still attached to be used.

"Back when money was well she did not say anything but once stopped, he began to tell me she is not good or anything. Now I was asked to wear Yulia Rahmawati, yes I've used Julia Pereus now," he said Jupe at that time (Thursday, 11 / 02/2010) sarcastic ex-husband.

Jupe is now running for Vice Regent in Pacitan, East Java. Although known by the name of Julia Perez, according to the law must use real names in his candidacy that. Jupe did not feel dizzy, even if elected later boyfriend Gaston Castano it would repudiate the name of Perez, and use the original name given parents.

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